Wanneer: zaterdag 23/04/2022
Waar: Aspen Indoor, Moerelei 123, 2610 Wilrijk
Start: 10u00 - Finish: 18u00
Oscar Awards: 20u (all video will be screened for the crowd)

Best Movie
Voted best Movie overall by the professional judging panel.
Best Riding
Hands down the most radical riding we get to see wins this category. Go gnaaaarly.
Best Acting/ Most Funny
It's a Mtn Hollywood after all. Get your acting skills, concepts on point to win this category.
Riders Choice
Get the most votes of all riders participating in Mtn Hollywood.
Most Popular
2 weeks after the event all clips will go online. Get your friends, moms, dads, community together and go for the Likes. Most Likes win this category.

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