Private path to sustainability

The Private path to sustainability!

As you all know, we focus a lot on the eco aspect to fashion.
We work together with the Belgian company Stanley & Stella for all of our productions. They are crazy ecological and we love them! On top of that, we had loads of fun turning our office more eco-conscious.

We are saving the planet! Check out how we do this and how you can help.



For us, fair fashion and fun come hand in hand. This is how we try to save the planet.

  • Because we make every order on demand, we don’t have any overstock!
  • Did you know we make everything ourselves with love?
  • We save water by drinking beer and our office gets electricity from our brand new solar panels!
  • We show respect for people & planet!

We never stop checking where we can improve !




Stanley & Stella is all for organic love and works with 100% organic cotton and recycled materials. They are certified by multiple standards:


Want to know more? Check out their sustainability report


Together we are a perfect blend of sustainability, fashion and love!