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We - Private Clothing - breathe, live, love snowboarding. So we needed to support this too!

The Snowboard Community Fund by Nitro

Over the last few weeks, the world has been full of uncertainties and changing faster than it ever has before. It is clear now that the world we live in will continue to be full of challenges and the COVID-19 outbreak will continue to take a toll on people´s health and the global economy. This sudden economic change is something that everyone in the snowboard community has felt strongly, especially the people who inspire us to go out to snowboard, those who create, and those who build features to make snowboarding more fun.
We are talking about the freelance photographers, videographers, media creators, and park shapers - people that get up earlier, stay out longer and create late into the night to provide the snowboard community with inspiration, documentation, and features.

We are usually spending our time and effort trying to motivate people to join the snowboard community and go outside, get offline and do something worth remembering with friends, but this has had to change during these times. Along with our message to go snowboarding, a few of our core values are giving back to the community, acting like a family, and appreciating those who have help us get here.

Now we have an opportunity to act on these values and create a platform to give back and support these photographers, filmers, creatives, and shapers who are affected by these difficult financial times with the Snowboard Community Fund. If you are one of these freelancers being significantly effected right now, this fund is an opportunity for you. We know that this initial goal of EUR 60,000 initiative is just a start, but we would like to help as many creators of the snowboard community as we can. 

The situation and longterm affects are changing everyday, but we believe that the snowboarder community can help support those who have always given us amazing photos, videos, artwork, parks, and selfless passion over the years get through this together.